More Information

What to Expect

3-7 hours of play depending on experience
No prior knowledge needed

What is a CTF?

A CTF is a capture the flag event. For this event we have hidden the flags inside of files, webpages, riddles, and the internet. What is a flag? A flag (sometimes called a key) can be a string of words, the answer to a riddle, or a bunch of random characters. Normally these flags will be prefixed with the word flag or key, (do not use the prefix when submitting the key).
Each team will work together to solve the challenges and get the flags. Once you find a flag submit it on our website to receive points for your team. The team with the most points at the end of the event wins.

How do you play?

Come to Trailhead for BSidesBoise and sign up for the event. Get a team together and start solving challenges.

How can you prepare?

`For resources visit:

What will I need?

The following software should be enough to get you through the CTF.

- Windows
-- MD5
-- Zip
-- Putty
-- Python 2.7
-- Wireshark
-- Chrome plugins
--- Cookie plugin Edit this cookie
--- Edit headers plugin modHeaders
-- Vmware or VirtualBox
--- Kali VM