Frequently Asked Questions

How are the challenges ordered?

Challenges are ordered first by category, and then by difficulty.
Challenges are placed on a Jeopardy style board.

What determines a winner?

Winners determined at the end of the CTF, the team that ends with the most points will be declared the winner.

What if there is a tie?

The team who obtained the points first will be placed above teams with the same number of points.

Are non middle school students allowed to participate?

`Absolutely! Everyone will be allowed to take part in the CTF, however non-middle school students will be ranked seperately.

Will there be prizes?

Of course there will be prizes!!
(all prizes have been donated/payed for by our sponsors).

How are prizes awarded?

Grand prizes will be awarded to the top 3 teams, but every team will get Pimpin' Purvesta's mixtape.

Tell me more about these prizes!

The first three teams will recieve grand prizes, all others will get Pimpin' Purvesta's mixtape
Grand prizes are:
1st) TBA
2nd) TBA
3rd) TBA

What equipment will I need?

Full participation in the competition requires only a computer with a modern web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer 9+, etc.) and the ability to install applications.

What is considered cheating?

Participants must abide by a few common sense rules that ensure the competition is fair.
These rules are copied from picoCTF's FAQ:
Attacking the scoring server, other teams, or machines not explicitly designated as targets is cheating.
This includes both breaking into such machines and denying others access to them (for example, by altering a key or ping-flooding).
Sharing keys or providing overly-revealing hints with other teams is cheating, as is being directly assisted by personnel outside the team (using tools from the internet is OK; asking people on the internet to help you solve the problem is not).
We encourage you to solve problems in novel and creative ways using all available resources, but we do require that you solve them yourselves.