What is the NeverLAN CTF?

The NeverLAN CTF is an international Capture The Flag event aimed towards teaching computer science to our younger generation.

Participates will learn...


Cryptography is essential in Computer Science and Security. Most of us encounter it every day without even knowing it. Every time you visit a website and see the green 'https' in the URL, you are on an encrypted site that ensures your connection is safe. Without cryptography, much of the very important data transferred today on the web and computer network would be in plain text that would allow anyone to read and borrow (steal)... even your mom! If you want to learn more about some cool encryptions and ciphers, Rumkin has some really helpful tools and tips to get started.


Learning how to code and basic programming concepts for many are the first steps when exploring the field of computer science. Code is a hacker's lifeblood and it is imperative that a hacker knows basic programming techniques as this will help them in the future when understanding how programs work. This website, along with many others, was built using some of the most popular web development languages ( HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP ). Whether you have intentionally navigated to this site, or have just happened to stumble into its greatness, take a look around and discover a little bit about what we at NeverLAN promote. In addition, check out some other awesome sites that will help you along your journey to unlocking your true hacking potential! Code Academy, W3Schools, Stack Overflow


Google is your FRIEND! Knowing how to search for solutions to a problem is just as important to knowing how to solve it. Chances are someone has already run into that blocker you've found yourself stuck on, and they've probably already solved it. So why not look up a solution they have crafted and use it or maybe modify it a bit and use it for yourself. Whether or not you find the solution to your problem, any search engine can be a fantastic resource to elevate your understanding of a multitude of CS concepts.

Cyber Trail

Cyber Trail? What the heck is that?! If you are asking yourself these questions, allow us to enlighten you... Your Cyber Trail, or Digital Footprint includes everything that you bring along with you on your journey through the web. Go to Panopticlick to find out information about your browser and what kind of traces to leave on the internet.