Learning to Code?

W3 Schools

Learn where we learned over at W3 Schools.

Code Academy

Practice writing real code with code Academy


Visit a CoderDojo and learn more


Free courses for kids by Pluralsight

Linux Survival

Learn about the Linux Terminal

Video Resources

The Web is Not the Net

Chrome Developer Tools

SQL Injection

Cookie Stealing


Cryptography and Coding Information

An article by securitybaron on the importance of cryptography.

Hackers Manifesto

The Conscience of a Hacker

Challenge Help

Cipher Tools

List of common ciphers

Online Bash Environment

Online terminal


An IDE by Github


An IDE for webdesign

Cloud 9

A Cloud based IDE

(Free) Tools and Software

Github Education Pack

Get free access to useful developing tools.

Oracle VM

Set up a virtual machine

Ubuntu OS

For the everyday Linux user

Kali OS

For stronger and more powerful Linux fun


Online photo editor


Photo editor


Animation Software


Audio Software


Packet Sniffer


Set up the challenges on your own server

Command Line Tools


Scan files for ASCII text


A common tool for hiding files in images

Other CLI Tools

A list of handy tools complied by MrMugiwara

John The Ripper

A password cracker

A Password Cracker

Password lists

A list of common passwords

Lists of common passwords

Info about CTF's

CTF Platforms

There are a lot of great CTF platforms out there, here are a few we have seen

CTF Challenges

Building challenges can be one of the hardest parts about running a CTF

Other CTF's

After our CTF you can continue to learn by visiting these other CTF's